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More Hong Kong pix

2003-06-22 01:19:29.061877+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

When I first saw this boat, I thought the captain must have testicles of steel. I couldn't get an accurate gauge of its size, and over the Star Ferry[Wiki] building it looked huge. Still a big boat to be maneuvering through all those high speed ferries zipping back and forth, and the little putt-putt of the Star Ferry[Wiki] boats. And I don't often speak highly of architects, but realizing that that building in the center is not disappearing into the clouds, it just looks that way, blew me away. The weather wasn't conducive to good photography when I was out and about, but the Big White Guy has had some good pictures of Hong Kong this week, a a tugboat in Lau Wong Hoi Hap, a scary looking (but very pretty) spider he discovered while hiking, and pretty cool waterfall.

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