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Lusty Lady worker owned

2003-10-03 16:18:47.500534+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

I haven't been checking in on Clean Sheets regularly recently, and I find that I don't read David Steinberg's emails as closely as some web pages (that's gotta chage), but Daze Reader had a link to David Steinberg on the takeover of the Lusty Lady by its workers, and on reading it this morning I need to make sure that the "all sex workers are abused and powerless" in my circle read it. The article is also on Sexuality.org.

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#Comment Re: Lusty Lady worker owned made: 2003-10-03 20:07:18.693936+00 by: Shawn

Just finished reading it myself, and came to the same conclusion. Highly recommended.

#Comment Re: Lusty Lady worker owned made: 2003-10-03 20:26:55.811091+00 by: petronius

Of course, if some competitor figures out a way to sub the work out to India, things could get hard....er, I guess that's the idea.