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More life in Raleigh

2003-11-12 14:35:53.864975+00 by Dan Lyke 3 comments

Wow. The geometry of Raleigh's streets is distinctly non-Euclidian. Took me much longer than I thought to get there last night, although I saw most of downtown in the process. I had dinner with Chris and a bunch of coworkers from Marketocracy. We started at the Hibernian and wandered over to Flying Saucer (200+ beers on tap), had lots of fun conversation in between. I've met a bunch of cool people here, but I'm also very conscious of being in strip-mall culture.

After some minor panics yesterday which we've resolved, back to (TC)2 today to finish the display. I've laughed about the 2000 minutes that Charlene and I have on our cell phone plan, because I don't think we've ever used more than 30 before. I think I was on the phone for at least two hours yesterday, and this morning I've had two calls while I'm trying to write this entry. There's some venting about work I need to do, but it wouldn't be prudent to do it here.

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#Comment Re: More life in Raleigh made: 2003-11-12 17:14:53.131349+00 by: crasch

I think everyone else enjoyed meeting you too. Quoth Matt: "He's good people."

Give Raleigh another 20 years, and I wonder if it will have a culture as vibrant as San Francisco is now. Most of the ingredients are there (3 major universities, lot's of tech/biotech companies, beautiful greenery, mild weather, cheap land). However, the general social conservatism is a problem (I've never lived anywhere where the churches are so numerous and so large).

#Comment Re: More life in Raleigh made: 2003-11-13 01:33:03.54214+00 by: ghasty

AHhhh, flying saucer...we had 2 of them in Dallas/Ft Worth...I MISS THEM...still have my UFO card (there's one in Nashville too)

#Comment Re: More life in Raleigh made: 2003-11-13 01:35:38.974141+00 by: ghasty

Wait...I mean 3 of them in DFW...forgot about one of them (and yes, I have a Beer Knurd shirt)