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Life 9.0

2003-11-14 02:30:09.207841+00 by meuon 5 comments

It seems fitting to post this here first. I started 'Higher Technology Services' in 1989, with Debra Brown, whom I later married. Around '93 I coerced Dan Lyke to work with me and we ended up forming Chattanooga Online, a regional internet company. Time passes, Dan moves to SF. Years pass.. Deb and I divorced.. yet still ran HTS together. Today, I sold her my interests in Chattanooga Online (HTS, Inc.). She's got a good crew, and I wish them the best of luck. In a weird karmic twist, one of my first business customers in 1990 was Bradley Memorial Hospital in Cleveland TN. Tomorrow, 13 years later, I'll be making what I hope is the final presentation for a middling sized software development project to the same people. I had joked that my recent life was 8.x, I hereby declare November 14th as the release date of Life 9.0. I've got incredible friends in this region and in CyberSpace, some spare change in my pocket, some paying work lined up, and right now life is looking pretty good. I'll be doing future business as GeekLabs and you can track me down there.

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#Comment Re: Life 9.0 made: 2003-11-14 12:58:44.897735+00 by: topspin

Good for you! Nostalgia makes me remember with grins the TBBS/Fidonet days when I met y'all..... and I think of the long days, hard work, sweat, worry, and soul you brought to HTS.

You should be proud of your work there, Mike, and prouder still of the personal growth which allows you to see Life 9.0 beyond HTS. Congratulations on the new release! Enjoy!

#Comment Re: Life 9.0 made: 2003-11-14 16:06:26.431172+00 by: Dan Lyke

Congrats on the changes. I was going to post something generic here this morning, I'm glad you were willing to flesh it out. I hope it brings you more happiness and freedom.

#Comment Re: Life 9.0 made: 2003-11-15 01:14:05.836357+00 by: ghasty

Good luck, Mike...enjoy

#Comment Re: Life 9.0 made: 2003-11-15 03:26:47.961214+00 by: susan

Congratulations, Mike. I wish you the absolute best in this new venture as in everything else in your life.

#Comment Re: Life 9.0 made: 2003-11-15 07:09:51.14387+00 by: meuon

The soul comment hit. I'd lost it. It took a while, but I have dreams in me again, an urge to do things that I had not had in a long time. And no one to blame but myself if they do not work. Having friends like Jen, Clem, Pam, Rick, Ann, Debra P... really make a difference. I've had to ignore Margaret for a while, and focus to get things done and not go insane. Maybe she'll talk to me next week.. I have a LOT of things to do and I find her distracting in very good and very bad ways.

As for happiness.. I've been pretty happy for a while, but I have to admit, right now I feel dang good about the world. Even got two projects lined up..