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Virtual Demonstration

2003-11-20 16:03:30.957657+00 by petronius 2 comments

How are things doing at the giant anti-Bush demonstrations in London? Instapundit gives a link to a webcam surveying Trafalger Square. Last time I looked, at about 3:30 PM GMT, things looked pretty quiet.

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#Comment Re: Virtual Demonstration made: 2003-11-20 17:37:19.75033+00 by: Dan Lyke

[Demonstrators in Trafalgar Square 2002-11-20 17:05 local] Here's a snapshot from that link as of 17:05 local time there, looks like there's a bunch of people and a moderate sign density. h

#Comment Re: Virtual Demonstration made: 2003-11-20 20:09:33.413354+00 by: petronius

I just took a look at 19:43 local time there. The lights were out, and there seemed to be just a few hundred people, although it was hard to tell. So, starting at 15:30 hours with only a few people, can you move the expected 100 K people into the Square, harangue them for a bit about 90 minutes later, and then get most of them out of the area and into the pubs just 2.5 hours later? The square is big, as are the surrounding avenues, but I don't think you could move them so quickly. I think this one was a bust.