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Buying glass

2003-12-13 21:22:21.038266+00 by Dan Lyke 5 comments

Wow. So I've got this model railroad that I started building ages ago, and I've decided it's time to get a glass top on it so I can move it back into the living room and not just have it a mess in the middle of things. A stop at TAP Plastics says they want about $140 for the piece I'm looking for, but it's not as scratch resistant as glass, and I kinda want a coffee table. So I slap "glass tabletop" into Google, and get $238.40 for 1/2" glass from GlassOnWheels.com, but when I fill out their online form they email me telling me they'd be glad to deliver it to my home for $588.00, or have me pick it up from a shipping destination with a loading dock for $379.50. Huh. Pick up the yellow pages, a local vendor wants less than $200 for the same piece, tells me that if I support the edges (probably a good idea anyway) I can get away with 3/8" for $140, and they'll help me fit it in the car.

The more I learn about this "e-commerce" thingamabob, the more skeptical I get.

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#Comment Re: Buying glass made: 2003-12-13 21:53:36.212866+00 by: petronius

Your e-commerce skepticism reminds me of the story of the guy driving through Missouri toward Little Rock, and as he gets near the Arkansas state line he sees a sign in a gas station, "Last chance for $1.20 per gallon gas before Arkansas". So he stops there, fills up, and as he is paying the clerk he asks, "So, how much is gas in Arkansas?" "Oh, about $1.10."

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

#Comment Re: Buying glass made: 2003-12-13 23:46:53.196414+00 by: meuon

It pays to be a smart consumer. Just joined Sam's club (I know, it's evil but useful), and found some really good prices on some stuff, but they were higher or the same as Target, Wal-Mart and others on things. On-line, same thing. Some things work well online, other things don't.

#Comment Re: Buying glass made: 2003-12-15 00:25:32.269656+00 by: petronius

But where else than Sam's Club can you buy Frozen pig's knuckles in 35 Lb. boxes?

#Comment Re: Buying glass made: 2003-12-15 14:31:46.882367+00 by: glassonwheels

glassonwheels.com custom cuts glass and mirror to your specifications and ships in from florida to any destination in the U.S., Canada, Hawaii and the Caribean. Our price includes crating and shipping to your destination and as the saying goes "we don't make it untill you order it".

#Comment Re: Buying glass made: 2003-12-15 14:36:18.345867+00 by: meuon

CNN Reports that some people figured out the shopping online thing a little too well. 3 German teens spend 130 mil euros ($160 mil US) in a two hour shopping spree just because they were bored.