Flutterby™! : Half-jeopardy?

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2003-12-24 23:00:09.92522+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

Court rules that two people can be convicted for the same crime. This is bizarre; I can understand how the ruling came about, but...

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#Comment Re: Half-jeopardy? made: 2003-12-26 21:43:42.713174+00 by: petronius

In Solzyenitzen"s The First Circle, the KGB records a treasonous phone call, and determines that only three people could have possibly made it. The captive scientists working for them use a primitive voice-print system and eliminate one person right off, but say it may take months to perfect the device and figure out the real culprit. No problem, says the security man. We'll arrest both of them and send them both to the mines at Kolyma.

#Comment Re: Half-jeopardy? made: 2003-12-28 05:44:44.784461+00 by: baylink

Warning: annoying repetitive pop-unders at the news site.