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Big bike

2004-06-01 02:54:12.870176+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Leo, freshly back from Japan, missed the hike yesterday, but expressed a willingness to exercise today. So we biked up Eldridge Grade and back down Rocky Ridge. It was amazing how much the tandem has improved my aerobic capacity, I bent my chain mid-way up to the lakes (probably within the first thousand feet of elevation gain), and had to limp to the top on the middle chain ring in the front and with an extremely limited range in the rear, and managed to keep a good cadence all the way to the top.

The other project for the day was building a front rack for the tandem, and thinking about that experience and some discussion about building car carrier racks on the Tandem@Hobbes mailing list has sparked some thoughts that might be applicable to the college thread that I'll try to compose later.

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