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Gingerbread House Patterns

2004-12-03 00:10:43.749817+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Over at Brainwagon, Mark linked to a large collection of gingerbread house patterns. The problem with gingerbread houses is that making all that work pay off requires a party that works in ways that mine never do, but making them is way cool, and as I start to cut out the cardboard i always forget that gingerbread is not a precision construction material, so relying on someone else's experience to temper my desire for more intricate gables and porches is a good thing.

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-12-03 20:23:52.804426+00 by: petronius

Gingerbread may not be a precision construction material, at least not in your hands. I remember a few years ago watching the Martha Stewart Xmas special, always a strange treat for the holidaze. She had actor Richard Karnes (Home Improvement)helping her build a gingerbread house that was better constructed than a French chateau. She used teeny little nails to attach the walls, and sheets of brown sugar glaze for windowpanes. I should live in so nice a house. Of course, knowing Martha's whims of iron, she perhaps reinforced the gingerbread with carbon nanotubes. I don't think anybody was meant to eat the damn thing. I look forward to the return of her specials, abd the recipe for a holiday fruitcake with pecans and a hacksaw.