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Illuminati Secrets Revealed!

2006-07-21 21:53:09.160375+00 by petronius 4 comments

Ever wondered what really goes on in a Freemason's initiation cermony? Let Betty Boop show you the previously hidden rites. What a pippen!

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment Re: made: 2006-07-22 17:00:30.265834+00 by: ziffle

Since I am probably the only actual Freemason posting to Flutterby I can say there were no bicycles and I never did see Betty Boop. :)


#Comment Re: made: 2006-07-24 00:07:28.227063+00 by: petronius

Maybe you get Betty Boop when you become a Shriner.

#Comment Re: made: 2006-07-24 00:42:49.779146+00 by: Dan Lyke

What I found most striking about that was that it was a tour-de-force of animation technique and technology for the time, kind of like the old Mind's Eye and similar computer animation compendiums.

Interesting, especially as I'm getting sucked back into the computer graphics biz and trying to figure out the place of various tools within that creative medium.

#Comment Re: made: 2006-07-25 03:37:13.584416+00 by: meuon

Flash.. wrong tool for the job, but it's the first rock axe the caveman uses for the job. This flash article was really useful to me. (Yes, I'm learning Flash.. forgive me..).