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more woodworking

2007-01-25 22:58:15.091388+00 by Dan Lyke 5 comments

My router table is almost complete, it plugs into the Festool multi-function table. I haven't built the indexing fence for it yet, just a regular one, and I'm going to do something else before I build the new indexer, because I'm realizing that there are things I need to learn.

However, I did have a moment of "very cool" yesterday when I pulled out the DeWalt biscuit jointer I've got on long-term loan from Phil and discovered that not only does it have a dust collection port which fits our dust collector perfectly, that sucker is amazingly dust free when hooked up to good suction.

On other fronts, Topspin put a link to SexyFurniture.nl, which seems to have some MIME type issues, so he also provided an alternate link to the Sexy Furniture content, in the comments to my "woodworking resources" post...


The Jeff Greef Woodworking Oriental Box of Drawers looks cool, not monstrously difficult, but using some techniques that I haven't used yet and that would be fun to explore. And pinned and wedged construction always makes me perk up.

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#Comment Re: made: 2007-01-26 11:20:14.372556+00 by: meuon

Good looking router table, Dan.

I've got two routers, a decent standard Craftsman, and a very nice Dewalt Plunge Router. My Ryobi BT3000 table saw has a very usable router table built into it, using the same fence as the table saw. Never used it. But then, I've not tried to dovetail joints and such either. You are starting to make me wish I had room in the garage for a wood shop.. I guess I could if I dedicated some room to it, there is just such a variety of stuff I have down there it's hard to make it work for a single thing. I have PADD. Project Attention Deficit Disorder. - Laughing.

#Comment Re: DeWalt Biscuit Joiner made: 2007-01-26 12:44:35.750997+00 by: m

By dust collector did you mean the Festool dust collector? If so that would be great! I will try it the next time I make a biscuit joint. Thanks for the tip, it will save many a chip in the eye -- the DeWalt has unerring aim.

#Comment Re: made: 2007-01-26 14:36:08.844151+00 by: DaveP

I know I'm not caffeinated enough when I start reading and realize my confusion was due to the fact that you were talking about woodworking routers, and not some weird networking blob of data describing how different routers talk to each other....

#Comment Re: made: 2007-01-26 14:48:32.523675+00 by: Dan Lyke

  1. Yep! In the metal box for the biscuit jointer I found the the adapter with the dust bag, and another adapter that had a round port. Sure enough that one fit the hose from the CT-22. Where before there were a few chips, now there's nothing, and the biscuit hole is amazingly clean.

I've dragged a couple of things outside, ripped flat edges on the fir 2x4s and 2x6 that I used for the skeleton of that table, broke down a big sheet of melamine that I used for the table and for a countertop in our laundry shed, that kind of stuff, and haven't bothered to bring the dust collector with me, and while I appreciate the cost savings, especially when I'm generating lots of sawdust, I now wonder how I ever thought that without dust collection could be the default.

Meuon: Helps to have someone pragmatic who, when something new is proposed, asks which part of the 5 year long "to do" list that project goes on. On router table use: Yeah, the OF 1010 is a handy little router that's light and easy to use on small pieces, and Festool even makes a guide for edge slots (which I may try to duplicate out of acrylic, especially now that I see how an active air system on the tools makes acrylic trivial to cut: no more gummed blades on the router or the jigsaw), so now that I've built the router table the only things I can see using it on are dovetails (once I've built the indexing fence) and it might be an easier way to cut tenons, depending on the shape of what I'm putting the tenon on.

#Comment Re: made: 2007-01-26 14:49:11.674273+00 by: Dan Lyke

Dave, dust collection helps put all of those dropped packets in one place for easy disposal.