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This is my first attempt at trying to build a Wiki-like knowledge base on top of the Flutterby content management system.

This is a place for explanation, description and static links on a topic that's either too broad to be covered under a single link, or that you're just too lazy to find the real link to.

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by:Dan Lyke started: 2003-10-10 00:21:24.047518+02 updated: 2003-10-10 00:21:24.047518+02

DMCA stands for Digital Millenium Copyright Act, a particularly odious bit of United States legislation that makes it illegal to publish "circumvention devices" for bypassing copyprotection schemes.

This, of course, makes all sorts of speech illegal, along with making it impossible to critique bad protection schemes.

Searching for Dmitry Sklyarov[Wiki] should provide at least one incident where the law was tried.

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