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This is my first attempt at trying to build a Wiki-like knowledge base on top of the Flutterby content management system.

This is a place for explanation, description and static links on a topic that's either too broad to be covered under a single link, or that you're just too lazy to find the real link to.

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by:Dan Lyke started: 2004-04-05 19:27:30.941465+02 updated: 2004-04-05 19:27:30.941465+02

A great "rockabilly" band that we've caught at the Cafe Amsterdam[Wiki] a couple of times. The tagline for the last time I saw them was "we've suffered for our music, now it's your turn". They call themselves "James Taylor on steroids", although I think they aren't quite as lyrical and are much better musicians. I've seen 'em with two different bassists, both great (although different styles), and it's clear that Simon Costa[Wiki] is the sort of person who can pull excellent musicians together with impeccable timing.


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