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California Certified Organic Farmers Certifies the World's First and Only Organic Personal Lubricant

by:Dan Lyke started: 2004-06-08 17:56:33.121512+02 updated: 2004-06-08 17:56:33.121512+02

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., June 2 (AScribe Newswire) -- Applied Organics of Laguna Beach, Calif., introduced Nudetm Certified Organic Lubricant at the recent All Things Organic Trade Show in Chicago. Nudetm was the talk of the show, with attendees clambering for samples and media representatives eager for more information about the personal lubricant. Nudetm takes organics below the belt with a proprietary blend of certified organic plant extracts and plant butters (patent pending); a first in the personal lubricant industry. Third-party organic certification is provided by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

"The most common ingredients in personal lubricants are propylene glycol, silicone and petroleum derivatives like mineral oil and parabens," said Buddy Morel, founding partner and director of product development for Applied Organics. "After decades of consumer use, the medical profession is discovering that these ingredients aren't as safe as they once thought. We now know that what we put on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream."

Nudetm is the first personal lubricant to utilize supercritical (Co2) plant extracts of chamomile, calendula and sea buckthorn. The little known sea buckthorn berry contains high amounts of soothing antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients. The synergy between those components provides the active soothing and protective qualities. Other ingredients include organic shea butter, which is renowned for its healing properties, and organic cocoa butter, which creates a buttery, creamy consistency (patent pending). These nutrient-rich ingredients, combined with the gentle and lubricious qualities of organic sunflower seed extract, create a sensuous, creamy lubrication ideally suited to intimate health.

Many of the ingredients in Nudetm naturally inhibit microorganism growth, yeast, fungus and bacteria. Unlike water-based intimate care products, which require extensive use of harsh, synthetic preservatives and anti-microbials, plant extracts naturally defend and support a healthy environment. The essential fatty acids found in some plant extracts are virtually identical to the natural protective layer of sebum in the skin. Petroleum based products are extremely difficult to wash from the skin and can create vaginal chemical imbalances, which cause complications such as yeast infections due to the improper elimination of toxins and waste through mucosal tissues. Additionally, water based lubricants, formulated with glycerin (a form of sugar), can contribute to yeast growth. The natural, organic plant-based ingredients in Nudetm are naturally geared to supporting vaginal health, healing and pleasurable lubrication.

Though the ingredients in Nudetm are easily washed from the skin, they are designed to step into the skin and promote optimum tissue vitality and healing. "We designed this lubricant to remain on the skin like any premium skincare product," said Morel. He also commented that customers even use Nudetm on their lips, under makeup, under eyes and as a hair groom.

"One online vendor who sells over 1,100 adult specialty items recently dropped us a note to say that Nudetm is their number one best selling item, outselling mainstays like Astroglide, Wet and Eros," said Morel. Even though Nudetm is currently available in less than a few dozen locations across the country, Applied Organics' direct online sales from www.organiclubricant.com include customers in Japan, England, Europe, Asia and Canada. Natural retailers across the country are expected to begin stocking Nudetm in the near future. "This is definitely a unique 'first' in the organic marketplace," said Jake Lewin, CCOF's director of marketing. "I worked extensively with Buddy during the certification process, and I'm impressed with his knowledge about organic products and his professionalism in marketing the product. I anticipate that this will be an extremely successful product launch within the organic industry."

Nudetm is available at www.organiclubricant.com and at fine natural food stores and select boutiques. The suggested retail price is $19.95 for a 4 oz. package.

About CCOF:

CCOF, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1973 and is one of the nation's largest and oldest third-party organic certifying agencies. CCOF's purpose is to promote and support organic agriculture in California and elsewhere through:

- A premier organic certification program for growers, processors, handlers, and retailers.

- Programs to increase awareness of and demand for certified organic product and to expand public support for organic agriculture.

- Advocacy for governmental policies that protect and encourage organic agriculture.

CONTACT: Peggy Miars, 831-423-2263, ext. 12, email address removed

About Applied Organics:

Applied Organics is a respected leader and pioneer in intimate organic lubricants. Brian Boudreau and Buddy Morel founded the company in April 2002 with a vision to create a higher standard of products for intimate health and vitality. After more than three years of research and over 200 test formulations, Nudetm was launched with long-awaited reception.

Media Contact: Peggy Miars, 831-423-2263, ext. 12, email address removed

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