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by:Dan Lyke [edit history] started: 2005-09-08 01:55:58.525549+02 updated: 2005-09-08 01:56:13.248267+02

Copied from their brochure, I hope they don't mind, they're nice folks we met on our August 2005 southeast Alaska trip:

The Trees RV Park & General Store
Milepost 10.2 Mitkof Highway
Petersburg, AK 99833


Our secluded RV park nested in the rain forest of SE Alaska. Located just 21/4 mile from world-class King Salmon, Steelhead & Coho fishing.

We offer seven full service camp sites with water, power & septic. Six sites have water and power with a communal dump station on site.

We can offer you laundry facilities, clean restrooms, hot showers and the convenience of a general store on the premises, stocked with groceries, snacks, ice and espresso.

We are located 10 miles froim Petersburg on the Mitkof Highway. When you leave the ferry terminal, turn right and travel 9 miles along the scenic Wrangell Narrows to The Trees.

Use our RV Park as a base camp as you explore the 140 miles of road and assessable shoreline, with numerous trails for your hiking and viewing pleasure. You can enjoy scenic vistas of ice fields and all the natural wildlife of SE Alaska, including eagles, bear, moose, whales, deer and the occasional wolf. After your day of exploring, sit on our country style porch, enjoy a cup of espresso, and visit with other travelers from around the world.

Your hosts Larry & Becky Dunham will be anxious to assist you to ensure a memorable triup to SE Alaska.

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