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Yep. Really.

by:Dan Lyke started: 2003-04-09 05:47:54.753817+02 updated: 2003-07-18 22:48:27.959161+02

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From: MR BERNIE EBBERS <bernieebbers2@juno.com>
To: webmaster@flutterby.com
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 20:22:08 -0400


It is with heart full of hope that I write to seek your assistance on the subject below.I am Mr. Bernie Ebbers the former Chief Executive, WORLD COM, I got your contact address from the chambers of commerce and tourism and I was convinced of your excellent reputation and trustworthiness towards your business relationship worldwide.

Although I did not disclose to anybody the underlying motives behind my inquiries,because of the sensitive and confidential nature of this transaction,that is why I decided to contact you with the spirit that you would be in a good position to assist me.

I Have the total amount of US$60.5M (Sixty Million, Five Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars), which I got from over invoiced contracts I awarded to contractors for the supply of Telecommunication Equipments to WORLDCOM COMPANY in the U.S.A.

The money is currently kept in a trust deposit account with a finance /security organisation for safety.I am sure you must have read the story of the WORLDCOM bankrupcy in virtually all the newspapers and magazines around the globe.

I considered it wise to look for a means to transfer the money to a trusted account abroad for safe keeping and subsequent investment.

You are however assured of a 100% risk free transaction, if only you can keep it secret, because all the modalities towards the transfer of this money to your account has been perfected. Also bear in mind that our Government is still not aware of the money. To this regard, I am prepared to offer you 25% of the total amount for your sincere efforts.

If you are interested, please kindly get back to me, and I will introduce you to my Attorney, so that he can enter negotiation with you and he will furnish you with more details on how this transaction will be perfected.

As you must know, my phone and fax numbers are already bugged by the Government security agents to monitor all activities and discussions going on in my family. Also copy of this letter has been sent to my lawyer. Because of the secret nature of this transaction and for us to conclude this transaction without any hinderances and problems, all communications in regards to this transfer will be strictly via e-mail. Since your present e-mail address is your office e-mail address, I will advice you to open another e-mail address specially for this transaction, I will appreciate it if you can do so, because we must be security concious.

Bear in mind that this transaction requires the higest level of confidentiality needed to actualise it so if you know you are not interested in this transaction, you are very free to tell me and I can look for another person that can assist me. To this end, you must not expose this deal to any body. More information will be given to you by my attorney as soon as you show your interest.

Your urgent response is needed, PLEASE FORWARD ALL YOUR CORRESPONDENCES TO THIS MAILBOX; bernieebbers@indiatimes.com

Yours sincerely, Bernie Ebbers Former Chief Executive (World Com).

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