Flutterby™!: Mobile Adult Film Studio Takes Blame for Overheating iPhone Problem

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Mobile Adult Film Studio Takes Blame for Overheating iPhone Problem

by:Dan Lyke started: 2009-07-08 19:42:18.152911+02 updated: 2009-07-08 19:42:18.152911+02



Mobile Adult Film Studio Takes Blame for Overheating iPhone Problem

VAN NUYS, Calif. – While tech industry blogs and Apple critics have pinned a reported overheating problem on faulty iPhone batteries, intrepid mobile porn studio Pink Visual has stepped to the plate and accepted responsibility for the phenomena of overheating of model 3GS iPhones.

“As soon as we heard about a problem with the new iPhones getting too hot, we knew that iPinkVisual.com was likely to blame,” said Lea Busick, director of affiliate marketing for Pink Visual. “Our techs looked into the problem immediately, and we discovered that there is indeed a lot of porn on iPinkVisual.com that is simply way too hot.”

Busick cited a specific scene added to the site recently as the most likely source of the scorching heat being reported by iPhone users.

“It’s that new Tiffany Rayne scene we added last week, I just know it,” Busick said. “That girl is dangerously hot. Rumor has it that she’s the source of many unsolved arsons in the Los Angeles area. She’s no arsonist; it’s just that you have to be careful with storing flammable materials outside in any location she’s liable to walk by.”

Busick said that while the company has no plans to make its porn less hot, it has engineered a server-side software solution that keeps the temperature manageable on the user end of the equation.

“If you’ve experienced problems with your iPhone overheating while watching videos on iPinkVisual.com before, please visit the site and try again,” Busick said. “Our systems administration team is confident that our new fireless firewall should keep the temperature down to an acceptable level. Having said that, I would advise users to continue to steer clear of our videos featuring Sasha Grey, just in case.”

About Pink Visual Mobile: Pink Visual is among the leaders in the mobile adult entertainment space, through its flagship mobile sites iPinkVisualPass.com, iMaleSpectrumPass.com and iPornoPass.com, which offer access to thousands of full-length sex scenes for a low monthly price. Pink Visual’s mobile products are available for promotion by webmasters through the TopBucks.com advertising program. For more information, call: 1.866.360.PINK or email: Kim@PinkVisual.com.


This press release and the claims made in it are for entertainment purposes only; PinkVisual’s products do not actually have anything to do with overheating iPhones, Tiffany Rayne’s presence in a given area is not sufficient to start a fire, and avoiding Sasha Grey videos is merely punishing yourself.

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