Flutterby™!: Pink Visual Finds Another Way To Get Porn Onto the iPhone

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Pink Visual Finds Another Way To Get Porn Onto the iPhone

by:Dan Lyke started: 2009-07-28 16:09:00.369899+02 updated: 2009-07-28 16:09:00.369899+02


Pink Visual Finds Another Way to Get Porn Onto the iPhone – Literally

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Despite Apple’s staunch anti-porn stance with respect to its iPhone App Store, creative adult studios like Pink Visual (www.pinkvisual.com) continue to work around the limitations imposed by Apple, in this case by filming an entire scene using the iPhone 3GS.

While some adult entertainment companies have resorted to ‘bait and switch’ schemes to temporarily finagle their explicit content into the App Store, Pink Visual Brand and Product Manager Kim Kysar says that her company is dealing with Apple’s restrictions by essentially rendering them moot, and pushing the envelope in other ways.

“We figured this was the next logical step in our ongoing fascination with the iPhone,” Kysar said. “Between the effort we’ve put in to make iPinkVisual.com the best-optimized iPhone porn site on the planet, the 3D content we’ve shot for use with the Wazabee 3D shell, and now a scene shot entirely on an iPhone, I think it’s safe to say we’re the most ‘iPhone-centric’ porn company around.”

The new scene is being published first as a webisode on MilfSeeker.com (www.milfseeker.com), and features popular ‘cougars’ Lexi Lamour and Diamond Foxxx.

Kysar said that Pink Visual has no interest in “playing games” with the App Store, and that promoting their iPhone-optimized content outside of the App Store offers the company both greater flexibility and better return on its investment.

“Don’t get me wrong; we’d love to be able to distribute our content through a ‘proper’ iPhone app,” Kysar said. “But the rules are the rules, and that’s all entirely Apple’s call. Our focus is giving our iPhone-using fans the best viewing experience we can, not trying to influence Apple’s opinion concerning hardcore porn.”

Director Matt Morningwood, who shot the new scene for Pink Visual, said that while it was a decidedly different experience filming with the iPhone, the primary challenges did not stem from the device itself.

“If anything, it was too easy to shoot with the iPhone,” Morningwood said. “I’m used to HD cameras, boom mics, and all sorts of other peripherals being part of the deal. The only thing that was difficult was holding the phone steady with two knockout blonde cougars getting naked and going at in front of the camera.”

Morningwood said that while the iPhone obviously didn’t yield the same sort of quality and clarity that one gets from a high-end HD camera, the footage has a rawness to it that actually contributes to the overall strength of the scene and due to it's small size, allows for it to cover certain angles and close ups a little better then a standard video camera.

“The quality is pretty good for what it is,” Morningwood said. “It definitely gives the scene a strong sense of realism. Plus, anyone with a 3GS can watch this scene and imagine they were the ones shooting it, since they have the same technology right there in their own pocket. Talk about putting yourself in the action!”

Kysar said that Pink Visual is considering making iPhone-shot footage a recurring feature within their reality porn productions.

“As Matt observed, the nature of the footage definitely augments the immediacy and realness of the scene,” Kysar said. “It’s an easy thing to get carried away with, though, and we don’t want to overdo it. But it’s good to know that shooting content on the iPhone is a viable option, and something special we can add to the mix now and again.”

Pink Visual, which was recently featured in the CNBC special “Porn: Business of Pleasure” as one of the adult industry’s cutting edge tech companies, has explored a number of other channels for distribution of hardcore content to the iPhone beyond their premium websites, including web applications like iTouchHer.com (www.itouchher.com), and tools that customers can use to create their own sexy iPhone wallpapers.

For more information on Pink Visual’s mobile porn products, visit www.pinkvisual.com, or the company’s flagship mobile site, www.ipinkvisual.com.

About Pink Visual Mobile: Pink Visual is among the leaders in the mobile adult entertainment space, through its flagship mobile sites iPinkVisualPass.com, iMaleSpectrumPass.com and iPornoPass.com, which offer access to thousands of full-length sex scenes for a low monthly price. Pink Visual’s mobile products are available for promotion by webmasters through the TopBucks.com advertising program. For more information, call: 1.866.360.PINK or email: Kim@PinkVisual.com.


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