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The Past as Prologue

2012-02-07 19:12:18.527279+00 by petronius 2 comments

An interesting item from Samizdata: A look at the Times of London from 1912. What the author finds strangest is reading the items with the knowlege that in only 2 years the Great War will blow it all into oblivion. He sees obvious signs of tension between Germany and England, but nobody seems to think it will turn into the world-historical disaster to come. You wonder what catastrophes we are currently blissfully unaware of.

Meantime, the Library of Congress makes 100 year old scans available here.

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#Comment Re: made: 2012-02-07 22:16:38.526318+00 by: Dan Lyke


... Strife undoubtedly does lie before us, and strife which seems likely to be more bitter than at any recent period in our history. The Government have deliberately overhtrown our historic Constitution, and they have announced their purpose of using its overhtrow for the purpose of forcing upon the country a further series of destructive organic changes without, if possible, consulting the people. ...

#Comment Re: made: 2012-02-08 05:07:06.615482+00 by: jeff

Very cool about the 100 year-old scans!

I perused a couple of newspapers and the English writing seems far superior to what we see today. Surprised? I'm not.