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ICE abuse

2019-03-09 16:31:44.486794+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

Man taping drywall falls off ladder and breaks his femur. His employer had let worker's comp insurance lapse. Employer uses Boston Police Department and ICE to have man arrested in front of his 2 year old, and deported.

For those who have now concluded that Paz and his family deserved everything they got because he was in the country without authorization, a note: Retaliating against employees for asserting their rights under federal labor law is illegal, regardless of the worker’s immigration status. If an employer can violate the rights of undocumented immigrants with impunity, he could violate those of others too. And if he can exploit and abuse immigrant workers without consequence, he is more likely to employ them over those with greater protections.

No shit. Current immigration law essentially creates an underclass of unprotected workers who can be exploited and abused. It isn't protecting the jobs of citizens because it's more attractive to hire undocumented workers, you can just blow off your worker's comp payments and call the local police when your workers get injured.

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#Comment Re: ICE abuse made: 2019-03-09 21:35:14.078858+00 by: Bunny

Employer obviously knew Paz was illegal, and knowingly employed him anyway. Shouldn't employer be in jail? Isn't it...uh...illegal to knowingly employ illegals? Oh, wait, I forgot. It's not PC to insist your workers have proper papers. Except, of course, when they find themselves in a position to cost you money. Then, by golly, call the cops! This country sure is screwy.

#Comment Re: ICE abuse made: 2019-03-11 01:09:08.549051+00 by: Dan Lyke

Yep. What we've got creates this system where employers want to be able to wink and nod at immigration documents because they get all sorts of leverage over their employees.

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