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As I was copyandpasting to retoot a

2024-01-09 22:05:03.233169+01 by Dan Lyke 8 comments

As I was copy-and-pasting to re-toot a Mastodon post on to my blog, I had a huge moment of... I appreciate that there are a few folks I interact with on Flutterby. I do occasionally use it as long-term memory, although with the decay of the web I'm not sure how much value that has any more.

I've got a few bugs in my CMS that I've been threatening to fix for years, but maybe the social web's time is over and it's time to just do something else with the domain names.

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#Comment Re: As I was copyandpasting to retoot a made: 2024-01-09 22:56:17.526163+01 by: Mars Saxman

I miss the Golden Age of Blogs and I'm glad yours is still here. I no longer recall how I originally found it, and I can't really explain why I enjoy following the life and projects of some dude from California I'll probably never meet, but it's been a pleasant habit over the years. I gave up on my own blog years ago, though, for reasons which felt similar to what you describe here, so I can't really complain much if you decide to do the same...

#Comment Re: As I was copyandpasting to retoot a made: 2024-01-10 10:38:06.297081+01 by: spc476

I know that posts here are echoed on My­Linked­Tik­Pin­Insta­Me­Face­Gram­Book­We­Trest­In­Tot­Space, but it's easier to read here than on Pin­Face­Me­Insta­My­Tik­Linked­Book­Gram­Tot­In­Trest­Space­We. I would hate to see this blog go away, as it's a rare one that started prior to 2000 (not many of those left).

#Comment Re: As I was copyandpasting to retoot a made: 2024-01-10 13:34:08.518762+01 by: DaveP

Couldn’t blame you if you hung it up, but I stop by here every morning.

Regarding long-term memory, if your search engine on here is sufficient, you don’t have to worry about the big boys or polluted search results. I think you know someone who knows a thing or two about search though, right?

#Comment Re: As I was copyandpasting to retoot a made: 2024-01-10 15:18:38.551222+01 by: Ben Werdmuller

I'm here reading every post, just so you know!

#Comment Re: As I was copyandpasting to retoot a made: 2024-01-10 23:52:45.715314+01 by: Dan Lyke

And I was actually recently having a discussion that led to questions about BASIC implementations, and thinking "Oh, I should ping Mars..."

I guess I do need to fix a bug or two, and upgrade my RSS output, 'cause looking at my current RSS feeds... they're pretty lame.

#Comment Re: As I was copyandpasting to retoot a made: 2024-01-11 16:19:52.217564+01 by: markd

This is my main source of off-the-norm technical information. (Greetings from the photo.net days)

#Comment Re: As I was copyandpasting to retoot a made: 2024-01-15 20:13:21.383448+01 by: Dan Lyke

Yay! Thank you all for reminding me what I have here.

And, Mars, I was thinking recently I should pick your brain about BASIC... got a friend who's strangely intrigued by the current state of it.

#Comment Re: As I was copyandpasting to retoot a made: 2024-01-22 23:57:42.510616+01 by: Mars Saxman

I'm afraid I have been out of touch with the BASIC world for a long time now, over a decade, and probably can't give you anything but a historical perspective.

Still generally involved with languages and compilers, though; current project is a circuit DSL for a zero-knowledge proof system, working for https://www.risczero.com/ .

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